hellooooo? anybody out there?

I have noticed something.

I have a very quiet blog!

Actually, I have very quiet blog readers.  I get many, many visitors to Orange Marmalade every day, but they are very, very quiet! 

Even when I promise to give away books to those who Comment…I cannot hear much noise out there!

So, here are the contest rules again for the Orange Marmalade Book Give-Away:

 I’d like to hear your suggestions of  topics for my regular, Monday, “A list of five books…” posts.  So far, I’ve heard from a few not-so-quiet readers with suggestions ranging from the historical end of things — Ancient Egypt, Civil War — to the juicy subject of peaches!  Just comment on this post before next Wednesday with your suggestion, and you’ll be entered in the book give-away! 

I know you’re out there!  And I know you have something you’d like to contribute 🙂 I’d love to hear your feedback, because I’m writing this for you!

Meanwhile, for your listening pleasure, I give you another CBeebies Bedtime Story.  This time, Jonas Armstrong is reading a story called Tom’s Clockwork Dragon, written by Jonathan Emmett, illustrated by Mark Oliver.  Click on the link, and enjoy his charming accent!