What’s that Book?

Surely you have had this experience:  You vaguely recollect a book from your childhood.  It was about a boy and a pet fox…or was it a raccoon…and they mysteriously vanished from the woods one day, but a girl and her father…or uncle…or perhaps brother…found them by shrinking and then climbing into a hollow tree.  What was the name of that book, anyway?!?!

I’ve found a website that brings together book afficionados, some of whom can’t quite remember the title of a book they’re hunting for, and others who recognize and name the book from a brief description.  Some of the descriptions are quite thin, such as this one, looking for a book from the 70s…

I'm looking for a book about a boy who found or collected animals and built
a house for them. With each animal he collected, the house got bigger and
bigger.  I believe the animals included a turtle, goat and a horse.  The
book had photographs.

Yet, despite the sketchy recollection, another reader did indeed pop up with the title, and, voila! this searcher found the book she was looking for on ebay!  Now that is a happy ending.

The website is called What’s That Book, and you can visit it by clicking on this link:  http://www.whatsthatbook.com/ 

If you click “Browse” you can choose the category of books you’re interested in, such as “Children’s Books” and that will bring you to pages and pages of questions from registered members who are searching for a sadly-forgotten title, along with the answers others have provided.  I paged back in Children’s Books, to the questions from July and found quite a number of them answered.  I noticed that the General Fiction and Non-fiction categories had a bit less success, though the science fiction/fantasy category had bunches of answers.

Whether you’re looking for a title that tantalizingly hovers on the tip of your tongue or the fringes of your memory, or are a book lover who’d like to play Name That Tune with books, you might like what you find on this site.