Reading out loud; release your inner actor!

Reading stories aloud is fantastic whether the listener is 18 months, 18 years, or 81 years; whether the listener is a child, spouse, grandchild…pet dog…Of course, it is much, much better if you read with a gallon of expression!  Whisper, exclaim, cheer.  Use your perturbed voice; or your fearful voice; sound haughty or delighted. 

Today, I’ve imbedded some links from the British television program CBeebies, which uses British actors to read children’s stories during the final programming of the day.  They are very entertaining to listen to.  Perhaps they’ll also inspire some dramatic reading by the rest of us!

First is David Tennant reading Emily Brown and the Elephant Emergency by Cressida Cowell and Neal Layton.

Here is Keeley Hawes reading Eat Your Peas,  by Kes Gray and Nick Sharratt.

And here is Richard Armitage reading I’m Not Going Out There, by Paul Bright and Ben Cort.

Finally, here is Rupert Penry Jones reading 006 and a Bit, also by Kes Gray and Nick Sharratt.