and the lucky winner is…


Thank you so much for your encouraging messages these past weeks, and for your help in spreading orange marmalade beyond the reaches of my small circle of friends.  You have brought much cheer to me!  I love to see my reading circle grow because I love getting good books into the hands of all those great kids!

The past five days I have been Up North at my brother’s cabin on a breathtakingly beautiful lake.  There are no roads to this cabin.  We drive down a long dirt road to a quaint little spot called Timbuktu where our boat is waiting for us, and motor our way through rocky channels, across sparkling bays, past blueberry-carpeted islands, to the cabin.  There is no phone.  No TV.  No internet.  Just quietness and the quavering voices of loons.  Lovely.  And do you know what I did there?

Yup.  I read lots of books.  Ahhhhhh.  Delightful.  I found some good’uns to put in this blog some day.


Now we are back home and we have done the drawing for the winner of the Spread-the Marmalade Book Give-Away…  Here is a picture of the Very Scientific Process we went through to select the winner — pieces of paper in a hat.

And the winner is….from deep in the heart of Texas…Hannah Martell!  Whoop-ti-la!  Hannah, I’ll check with you on your address and ship those off to you…and may you and Karsten enjoy them very much!