Orange Marmalade is giving away books!

Pssst!   Spread the Marmalade Book Give-Away!


So, I’ve been blogging for just over 2 months now and am quite eager to find more new readers for Orange Marmalade.  Every time I find a juicy new title, or pull an old loved favorite off my shelf, I hope that someone out there will read about it and discover a gem. 

I don’t know any better way to increase my blog-visitors than to ask you to spread the word to people in your sphere who might be helped by this or at least enjoy it. 

So…I’m sponsoring my first Spread the Marmalade Book Give-Away!!!  Bells and whistles and drums here, please!

For the next two weeks, if you let someone know about Orange Marmalade, or post a link to my blog…just comment on this post and I’ll enter your name in a drawing!  Easy!  We will draw on Wednesday morning, July 7, which is 2 weeks from today.

I bought the prize today at my favorite secondhand book shop in Dinkytown, on the University of Minnesota campus.  Biermaier’s Books is a quintessential used book store, with wooden floors and deep windows crammed with relics and countless books stacked absolutely higgledy-piggledy on floor and table and chair and shelf so as to form a dim maze of books throughout the smallish space. 

The prize is…three terrific titles…that’s 2 picture books and 1 chapter book…all for one lucky winner!

I’ve got Homer Price, written and illustrated by Robert McCloskey — the classic collection of humorous stories about a boy named Homer and the goings-on in the small town of Centerburg, including the well-loved Doughnut story.      

 AND Yummers, written and illustrated by James Marshall — one of the books which will definitely make an appearance in this blog, about a pig named Emily and her pal Eugene, a turtle, who are great friends but who differ immensely in their views on a healthy lifestyle.     

  AND Katie Morag and the Big Boy Cousins, written and illustrated by Mairi Hedderwick — another shoe-in for my blog, the Katie Morag stories are delightful adventures which take place on the  Isle of Struay,  a fictitious Scottish island.     


Okay!  Spread some Marmalade and post your comments and stay tuned for the winner!