nonfiction nuggets…about houses and homes around the world

Since I seem to be on a house-and-home theme this week, here’s a beautiful book about houses and homes around the world.

Habitat for Humanity house, Papua New Guinea

Houses and Homes, by Ann Morris, with photography by Ken Heyman, displays a wonderfully-diverse collection of homes from far-reaching places, and sometimes also gives us a peek at the people who live in them.  There are homes from Puerto Rico to Portugal, from The Netherlands to Nigeria. 

 Homes on stilts.  Homes on boats. 

 Homes made of mud and stone and bamboo.  Grand homes and small homes.  Homes in crowded places and homes in quiet spaces. 

Habitat for Humanity house, Kenya

 The entire book is made up of stunning photographs, with sparse text, just enough to draw our attention to the incredible variety of houses that exists.  At the back of the book, a clever index, using miniature versions of each photo in the book, tells us a little more about where the house is and something interesting about it.  For example:  Bali:  The walls of this tropical home are made from bamboo screens that can be rolled up to let in breezes or tied down to keep out the sun or rain.  Finally, there is a map showing all the countries around the world in which the photos were taken.

I love this book because it presents the scope of homes with great beauty and dignity. Great book for opening our eyes to the rich variety of ways people live.

Samaritan's Purse temporary shelter, Haiti


The photos in my blog today are not from this book.  They are from two organizations working to provide shelter for people in various crises around the world.  The photos from Habitat for Humanity depict the differing kinds of homes they build internationally.  The photos from Samaritan’s Purse show part of the massive effort in Haiti to provide shelter following the earthquake. 

Samaritan's Purse shelter construction, Haiti

Helping to provide shelter for people the world over is a great way to invest some of yourself!