poetry friday

Poetry is delightful stuff. 
 The words tango together in delightful patterns of sound and rhythm and rhyme,
and the sense of the poem rockets beyond the mere meaning of the words because of the way ideas unexpectedly jostle up against one another. 
Do yourself and your kids a favor and introduce them to poetry at an early age. 
Reading one or two poems  aloud, even once a week, is a great beginning. 
Sometimes, the way to a child’s heart is through humor, and I always searched for poems my kids would laugh about. 
Here’s one of our favorites. 
Read with plenty of expression and please:  Not.Too.Fast!



“Daddy Fell into the Pond”
by Alfred Noyes

taken from Favorite Poems Old and New, selected by Helen Ferris, copyright 1957




Everyone grumbled.  The sky was grey.
We had nothing to do and nothing to say.
We were nearing the end of a dismal day,
And there seemed to be nothing beyond
Daddy fell into the pond!

 And everyone’s face grew merry and bright,
And Timothy danced for sheer delight.
“Give me the camera, quick, oh quick!
He’s crawling out of the duckweed.”  Click!

 Then the gardener suddenly slapped his knee,
And doubled up, shaking silently,
And the ducks all quacked as if they were daft
And it sounded as if the old drake laughed.

 O, there wasn’t a thing that didn’t respond
Daddy fell into the pond!